The Transportation Plan

San Antonio will continue to experience significant population growth over the next 25 years. This increase in population will affect many aspects of daily life in San Antonio creating both challenges and opportunities. SA Tomorrow is an unprecedented, multi-faceted planning initiative to accommodate this growth. The planning effort will explore how to preserve the San Antonio culture and increase livability through ensuring housing and transportation choices as our city grows.  

The Multimodal Transportation Plan covers the entire City of San Antonio and its extraterritorial jurisdiction.  It also takes into account all modes of transportation including: auto, freight, rail, transit, biking and walking. When complete, the plan will:

  • Communicate the City’s transportation strategy for the future,
  • Develop proposed improvements that address all modes, and
  • Provide for a method of prioritizing projects.

The Multimodal Transportation Plan serves as a tool that will be used to analyze transportation priorities to best meet overall community goals.   The plan also fulfills the transportation component of the San Antonio Comprehensive Plan, implements the goals of SA 2020; complements the Alamo Area MPO’s Mobility 2040: Metropolitan Transportation Plan; and maximizes infrastructure investments.

Existing Conditions Maps

The following maps illustrate the existing conditions of our transportation system.

  • Bicycle Facilities Map: Illustrates the current bike facilities and the facility type designated for
    other roads in the 2011 Bike Plan.
  • Pedestrian Facilities Map: Illustrates locations where there are current gaps in the sidewalk
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Map: Shows the location of bike and pedestrian-related crashes between
    2010 and 2014. Fatal crashes are denoted separately.
  • Vehicular Crash Map: Shows vehicular crashes from 2010 to 2014 and denotes severity of the
    crash by the color coding.
  • Major Thoroughfare Plan Map: Shows the current Major Thoroughfare Plan for San Antonio.
  • VIA Transit Map: Identifies the current highest boarding and alighting locations, existing and
    proposed park and rides and transit centers, and VIA’s long range transit plan corridors.
  • Rail Road Quiet Zone Map: Shows the freight rail lines in San Antonio and the grade crossings
    that are designated as quiet zones.

According to the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, San Antonio roadways experienced minimal congestion as recently as 2010.

Looking forward to 2040, many of San Antonio's major roadways will be at or over capacity.